27 Ways to Name an Agile Organization’s HR Role

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Bernard, our top penguin here at Rally, has been doggedly engaged in our search for a Director of HR. Feedback from our recent blog post about the search generated interesting discussion. To wit: why wasn’t Rally using this opportunity to come up with a new title for this Director position? Epiphany moment for Bernard! Being a highly engaged Agile penguin, he became quite concerned about this very important role. Bernard realized that the traditional title just didn’t seem to fit with Rally as a truly Agile organization. Rally has been named best company to work for in Colorado. And we place #6 by Outside Magazine as one of the top 50 places to work for in the US. With the vision, culture, and values here at Rally, Bernard is now quite determined that we bring a new title to this role. And so on Bernard’s behalf (lack of opposable thumbs limits some of Bernard’s “hands-on” work at Rally), I recently put the call out on twitter: W00t! We received 27 responses, though I suspect some suggestions were more tongue-in-cheek than real suggestions. Nonetheless, it is clear: we have great creative people in the Agile community thinking about this role. Here are the 27 title suggestions Bernard and I received in our search:
  1. Company Capacity & Fun Facilitator
  2. VP of Keeping It Real
  3. Talent Facilitator
  4. Chief People Advocate
  5. Chief Happiness Officer
  6. Head of Talent
  7. Team Consistency Enforcer
  8. “Sparkles” – (Okay, this person was confusing a dog-naming twitter stream with our stream)
  9. Director of Human Capital
  10. Director of Human Power
  11. Chief People Servant
  12. People Potentiator
  13. Hawaiian Shirt and Jeans Facilitator
  14. Director for Business Enablement through People
  15. Pit Crew Leader – (a Daniel Pink reference?)
  16. People & Fun Leader/Facilitator
  17. Head Cat-Herder – (Bernard is unamused)
  18. Kitten Cultivator and Litterbox Cleaner – (see above)
  19. Director of Helping People Be More Resourceful
  20. Staffing Facilitator
  21. Director of the People Team
  22. Employee Ombudsman
  23. [certified] People Master
  24. Head Employee Servant Leader
  25. People Servant Leader
  26. Employee Development
  27. Trusted Employee Advisor
Thanks to all, and nice work. Bernard and I keep going back to Daniel Pink’s “Drive.” Because we value Pink’s guidance on autonomy, mastery, and purpose, we believe this role must embody Rally’s commitment to an Agile culture of learning and growth. Now, what do YOU think the name of this role should be? Jean Tabaka is a March Madness college hoops freak, a crash skier, author and Agile Fellow at Rally Software Development. You can follow Jean on Twitter at @jeantabaka Bernard is a member of the Rally Office of the CTO and mascot for the Unreasonable Institute of Boulder CO.

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