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3 Methods to increase Business Value

by Joe Little, 13 October 2012 | The Agile Blogosphere

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Business Value IncreaseYesterday I enjoyed talking to Southern Fried Agile, the local one-day agile conference.  My topic was this: Three steps toward greater business value.

I was also pleased to see that many participants said they wanted to talk about this subject. So much so that the organizers decided to run the session twice. I am happy that this is considered an important subject. Certainly I think it is.

Some things we already do in Scrum to increase Business Value (or should do):

  1. Better partnership between Business and Technology

  2. Improve the Product Owner (and give him or her this job)

  3. Use a prioritized Product Backlog

  4. Order the Product Backlog to maximize the release of Business Value (over your chosen time frame)

  5. Build working product each sprint (if we get cut short, at least we can field what we have so far)

  6. Demo working product and get feedback from business stakeholders each sprint. Ex: “Did we build for you the most value stuff this sprint?”

  7. Release...

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