Agile Blogs & Web Sites

As a result of blogging about agile development, I’ve stumbled across quite a lot of interesting agile blogs and web sites.

Here are some of my favourites…

Agile Blogs

* Agile & Business – by Joe Little
* Agile Advice – by Mishkin Berteig
* Agile Blog – by Ryan Martens & Jean Tabaka
* Agile Buddy – by Jack Milunsky
* Agile Coaching – by Rachel Davies
* Agile Chronicles – by Mike Cottmeyer
* Agile Dad – by Lee Henson
* Agile Development Blog – by Jeff McKenna
* Agile Development With Rob – by Rob Dempsey
* Agile Executive Blog – by Pete Behrens
* Agile In Action – by Simon Baker
* Agile Journal
* Agile Management Blog – by David Anderson
* Agile Modelling – by Scott Ambler
* Agile Product Development – by John Scumniotales
* Agile Testing – by Stan Taylor
* Agile Anarchy – by Tobias Mayer
* Agile 101 – by Tara Whitaker
* Agility@Scale – by Scott Ambler
* The Art of Agile – by James Shore
* Alistair Cockburn – Author
* Brad Appleton’s ACME Blog – by Brad Appleton
* Control Chaos – Ken Schwaber
* Do It Yourself Agile – by Damon Poole
* Edge of Chaos – TargetProcess
* Effective Software Development – by Dave Nicolette
* George Dinwiddie’s Blog
* Getting Agile – by Chris Sterling
* Implementing Scrum – by Mike Vizdos
* InfoQ Agile
* Insights You Can Use – by Esther Derby
* James Grenning’s Blog – about agile embedded
* Jim Highsmith Author & Consultant
* Leading Agile – Mike Cottmeyer
* Leading Answers – by Mike Griffiths
* Lean Software Engineering – by Cory Ladas
* LitheSpeed – by Sanjiv Augustine
* MBarking on Innovation – by Mike Bria
* NOOP.NL – by Jurgen Appelo
* Notes from a Tool User – by Mark Levison
* On Agile – by Ryan Cooper
* On Agile Leadership – by Manfred Lange
* Partnership & Possibilities – by Diane Larsen
* Practical Agility – by Dave Rooney
* Project Management 2.0 Blog – by Wrike
* Running Agile – by Christophe Louvion
* Satisfice – by James Bach
* Scaling Software Agility – by Dean Leffingwell
* Scrum Log – by Jeff Sutherland
* Scrum Methodology – by Danube
* Silk & Spinach – by Kevin Rutherford
* Succeeding with Agile – by Mike Cohn
* Tester Troubles – by Ray Claridge
* Tyner Blain – by Scott Sehlhorst
* Wayne Allen’s Weblog
* XProgramming – by Ron Jeffries
Yves Hanoulle – by Yves Hanoulle

Agile Organisations & Vendors

Agile Alliance
Aldon Agile Manager
Atlassian (JIRA/Greenhopper)
DSDM Consortium
eXtreme Planner
eXtreme Programming
FutureWorks Consulting
Methods and Tools
Quality Tree Software
Scrum Alliance
* Skills Matter
TinyPM from Agilers

15 Responses to “Agile Blogs & Web Sites”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Hi Kelly,

    Good list. I would have added Agile Development Thoughts by Damon Poole as well. Always an eye opener…


  2. Kelly Waters says:

    I subscribe to Damon’s blog yet somehow I missed it. I’ve added it now, thanks!


  3. Anonymous says:

    Hi Kelly,

    You seem to hv great interest in the area of agile software development. Is there, by any chance that you are working as a software engineer as well? I am a student, currently writing my paper related to agile requirements engineering. I am looking for practical advices here.I may wish to send u a set of questions which can only be answered by those with relevant working experience.Do you mind if I post it here? Your reply will be much appreciated.

  4. Kelly Waters says:

    Hi Anonymous

    I’m not a developer. I was one once but I’m alright now :-)

    I manage a large department of .NET web developers using Scrum and elements of eXtreme Programming.

    You’re welcome to post your questions here…


  5. Christine says:

    Hi Kelly,

    My name is Christine, I am the one who asked if I can post some question in your blog. Sorry for the late posting as I have to ask for permission from my supervisor. The questions are too lengthy to be pasted here in your blog. It’s actually a questionnaire on Agile and Requirements Engineering.

    I have uploaded the questionnaire here:

    You can post your answers directly to my blog too.

    Sorry for not been able to prepare a better method for you to view the questionnaire. I do hope fellow bloggers are willing to help in filling in the questionnaire too, as my dissertation deadline is approaching.I am lacking of answers from Agile expertises here.

    Sorry for causing any inconvenience. Your help is much appreciated. Thanks.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Hi. May I advise one more site? If you want – you may add it to others. “TargetProcess. Agile Project Management Software”

  7. Michael Rozenberg says:

    Here’s another one. It’s new and focus more on the people aspect of things.

  8. Spartan Internet says:

    Its nice blog posting . Its good new for software developers ..I have noticed that this year there are a number of submissions on the subject of how to manage non-functional requirements on agile software development projects. thanks

  9. Kenny Cruden says:

    A good selection, I´d like to jump on the band wagon and suggest my own blog as well :-)

    I´m trying to focus on a few particular areas in Agile QA, and would love for people to have a read and provide feedback on the posts so far please!

  10. V. Lee Henson CST says:

    You may have missed

    I publish the Agile Mentor Newsletter monthly and have loads of great Agile content. I also have a bit of a following now.

    Please review and let me know what you think.

    V. Lee Henson CST

  11. Jurgen Appelo says:

    Kelly, you got to be kidding me! I'm not even on your list? I'm removing you from my top 200 _right now_! :)

  12. Kelly Waters says:

    Good point Jurgen! I subscribe to your blog by RSS so can't believe I missed it! Added now…


  13. Jhon Garry says:

    I have read this blog first time.You seem to have great interest in the area of agile software development. Is there, by any chance that you are working as a software engineer as well?

  14. Boris Gloger says:

    Hi, what shall I say: It is a super list of blog entries. I appreciate you for this work. Boris (

  15. Adam Feldman says:

    Hi There,

    This is a great list of blogs! I'd like to add our blog to the list too;



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