‘Green Agile’

Green AgileHere I am, at the Agile Business Conference in London, settling in for day 2.

There were some great presentations yesterday. And they’ve really cemented my view: that large, enterprise scale agile projects really do need to be augmented with some more traditional project management practices.

The opening keynote presentation today is about ‘Green Agile’. The title sounded intriguing. I was wondering what it might be about… Maybe about how agile projects are transforming delivery on some important, world-saving green projects? Sadly not.

It’s been an interesting insight into the issue of climate change, but nothing much to do with agile really. The agile connection in this presentation is really rather tenious. Maybe I’m being too critical, but personally I’m disappointed. I was here to hear about agile.


3 Responses to “‘Green Agile’”

  1. Jeroen says:

    a quick response during the keynote of jutta eckstein. :-)

    Sadly i must agree that the connection with agile was a bit farfetched..

    Luckily there are a lot of interesting sessions.

  2. Tim Difford... says:

    I think you raise fair points about my Green Agile keynote at this week’s ABC. I’d been asked to do some general green background content for the conference some time back, but with media saturation as it is, this could maybe get condensed for next time. Also, one of the key things around green implications for Agile projects (which I actually forgot to cover!) is around the fact that new important non-functional requirements relating to reuse, recycling, etc will soon be sitting alongside those already established for security, performance, etc.

    That said, this is new and evolving and I’m keen to add shape and definition as more and more green projects successfully apply tools and techniques. I’d love you to contribute… maybe add your mail address to itgreenalliance.org.


    Tim Difford

  3. Kelly Waters says:

    Hi Tim

    I must add, you were a very interesting and entertaining speaker, and it was certainly an interesting insight into climate change. Just a bit off-topic for me.


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