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Agile Consulting

I am now offering agile consulting, executive coaching and organisational transformation in London, subject to availability…

About me
I’m a commercially motivated and experienced IT executive with strong expertise in software development, web product development and general IT management.  I have over 25 years experience in software development, about 20 of which have been managing successful software development teams, at executive/director level for over 12 years.

What have I done?
I have a successful track record in delivering substantial business growth through technology and leadership in fast-moving environments.  I have completed successful turnarounds in 3 different businesses, transforming their reputation for delivery through the successful implementation of agile methods.  Before joining ThoughtWorks in Australia, I was Web Technology Director for IPC Media, responsible for web development and infrastructure across all brands.  IPC Media is one of the largest consumer media companies in the UK, and part of Time Warner, one of the largest media companies in the world.  I was also an active member of the AOP (Association of Online Publishers) product development committee, and have many years experience in large media organisations, both B2B and B2C.

As well as writing this blog (one of the most popular blogs about agile methods), in 2010 I won an award for ‘Most Valuable Agile Player in the UK’ (before moving to Australia!).  This award recognises my contribution to the agile community and my impact implementing agile methods in large, complex and dynamic organisations.  Products I have been responsible for have also won numerous other awards.

Agile Consulting
In recent years, agile development and agile project management methods have been taking the software industry by storm.  Many organisations have managed to achieve transformational benefits through the adoption of agile principles and practices.  Whatever stage of your agile life you’re at, I can potentially help you.  In particular, I can help you with:

My specialities
As well as agile consulting, I can also help in other areas of technology management, in particular digital development and IT leadership.

Using agile methods, I can help you to achieve better delivery.

Through my knowledge of digital and expertise in the web, I can help you to drive growth.

And through my senior management experience and IT leadership, I can help you to solve organisational problems and effect change.

But I am perhaps most valuable when all of the above is combined, for instance in a large digital programme being delivered with agile methods in a complex and changing environment.  I thrive on these complex challenges and have the leadership skills and experience to help you through it.

Please take a look at my LinkedIn profile and if you’d like to talk to me about how I might be able to help you, please email me at



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