Agile Haiku Poem

Someone sent me a Haiku poem earlier today.  It was nothing to do with agile, but it inspired me to write a Haiku poem of my own.  I don’t know why.  I guess I was just having a creative moment!  Here it is:

more or less,
less is more.

I hope you like it, but I don’t think I’ll be giving up my day job to become a poet just yet!


4 Responses to “Agile Haiku Poem”

  1. han says:

    haikus are usually
    five seven five – but in agile,
    requirements do change

  2. Andrej says:

    Is it simple? :)

  3. Kelly Waters says:

    I never said I was an expert in Haiku! :)
    I read on Wikipedia that there are lots of variations of Haiku, so they don’t always stick to that pattern. Also read that 4 line Haiku is a common variation. Maybe I could try writing it in a more traditional Haiku style –

    Mostly, more or less,
    Less is almost always more,
    Simple if you can.

    How’s that?


  4. Alan Sitnel says:

    Here is my own take on what Agile meant to me after experiencing it personally.

    Six Figure Scrum Master
    Author: Ex-Agile Participant

    Six figure scrum master sitting on a fence
    Trying to make a buck out of 99 cents

    He once was a contributor like you and I
    Now he creates charts that make me ask, WHY?

    He sold me the logic and I swallowed the bait
    9 months later we’ve barely left the gate

    You may ask how did he become such a hero?
    By forcing us to pick numbers between 13 and 0

    I was told to go faster, and confused I requested a hint
    He shook me and shouted, “WE NEED POINTS THIS SPRINT”

    He began to foam at the mouth, no one really knew why
    He looked very crazed, like he might even die

    To the hospital we decided, we needed no votes
    Later the Dr. asked, “Who fed him all these yellow notes?

    So now you see this is his life and sadly its sum
    I could tell more but I’m late for his scrum

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