Agile Project Initiation Template

I recently wrote about Agile Project Initiation, and the idea of using PowerPoint as a lightweight alternative to more formal methods of kicking off projects.

Here we’ve implemented a presentation template, and called it the Project Initiation Presentation (PIP). On larger, agile projects, it takes the place of the PID that may have been used on more traditional projects.

This kind of presentation is typically used to present to senior management to secure funding; to present to the project team to share the vision of the project; and to present to wider stakeholders interested in the project and its outcomes.

So what would be in such a presentation?

I’ve posted a sample Project Initiation Presentation Template (click link to download). The information on the slides is completely made up; just a dummy project to give you an idea of what it might be like. For each slide, the slide notes provide some guidance on what should be on the slide. Of course, anything that is surplus to requirements for your project can simply be deleted as appropriate.

Hopefully you’ll find it useful! Your feedback, as always, is very welcome – let me know what you think?


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6 Responses to “Agile Project Initiation Template”

  1. naresh kapse says:

    hey kelly, thks for that template.. it is really helpful… I think i could use for my pet project.

    -naresh kapse

  2. Anonymous says:

    Hi Kelly,

    Can you please tell me what you think makes your template an “agile” template? I ask because, after review, it contains project management best practices. Where is the “agile”?

    Thank you.

  3. Kelly Waters says:

    Hi anonymous. Yes, I take your point. I’m really saying here that more formal, traditional methods are sometimes required or expected to kick off projects, even those that will be delivered using agile methods, because of the need to secure funding.

    In situations like this, how do we initiate a project with the required formality but with a more lightweight approach. Using PowerPoint helps with this, because it’s quicker and easier to write, easier for the readers, and doesn’t require reams of detail in Word to get the key messages across.

    Whether a project is Agile or not, thinking through the key aspects of the project and capturing just enough details to communicate effectively with all stakeholders, in my view, is still very important whatever methodology is used for delivery.

    Hope that helps to explain where I’m coming from!


  4. Project Management says:

    Thanks for sharing this post.This blog is very informative post.

  5. Samar says:

    Love it! Just added a few slides on scrum values & scrum roles & responsibilities. I fall into the category of a company that is new to agile and still in the transitioning, therefore formalities are still required. But I plan on using it as a learning opportunity as well.

  6. Steve McDonald says:

    This really is excellent, thanks Kelly.

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