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Back in September 2009, I ran a poll on what agile project management software people would recommend. I was amazed at the response – so far (Jan 2010), about 2,000 people have voted!

For those that haven’t been back to the poll to see the results, here they are:

Lots of other agile project management software got a handful of votes under the ‘other’ category. I removed these from the poll simply because it was getting too long and unwieldy. Some of these apps may well be excellent, but just don’t have a big enough following to get lots of votes yet. Here is the list of other applications people recommended, just to make sure their votes are not disregarded:

Bright Green Projects
iMeta Agility
Rational Team Concert

Finally, if you haven’t seen it already, there’s a discussion going on about Agile Project Management Software over on my Agile Community…


11 Responses to “Agile Project Management Software”

  1. Ryan says:

    What are some of the reasons why people / businesses are against Agile software development?

  2. Kelly Waters says:

    Hi Ryan. This blog post I wrote about 3 reasons not to do agile development might give you some insight to the areas where agile is not so easy:

    You might be better off posting your question on my new Agile Community where you can here from various members' experience:


  3. Ryan says:

    Thanks for guiding me.I would like to join the forum.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Agilo 20% ?!!!! Is it agilo plugin for trac ?
    I can't believe it ! Compared to others products like Pivotal Tracker (so simple) or Mingle (very customizable), how people can prefer Agilo ? It needs 10 clicks to do any action, it's worst than JIRA. Definitively not agile at all…

  5. bjoern.linder says:

    Hi Kelly,

    thanks for that list! I was very surprised about the ranking. I would have thought that tools such as target process, scrumwoks, pivotal tracker and mingle outperformed significantly. Also Scrumdesk, Agilo in the top 5 is a real surprise..


  6. Gregor Petri says:

    Kelly, very kind of you to list also vendors that did not make it into the graph, I think you may however have missed one more, as this one did not enter the market yet. It is the Agile Planner that Salesforce and CA recently joined forces on. Originated as internal tool for salesforces agile project’s it is not available on the open market yet. But interested parties can join the feedback community at

  7. Employee Time Tracking Software says:

    The important aspect is to accomplish the projects successfully. Proper project management is a key to all the success. It is quite difficult to manage and control the project together without an organizational tool. To solve this problem web based project management software has been created by numerous companies.

  8. David says:

    Also missing from the other vendors list is the new contender, It is very intuitively simple yet powerful.

  9. Migs says:

    hey again again on your post! because I wasnt sure if you would check agilejournal comments!

    Your results were so interesting for me, since together with a classmate I am working on my Master's thesis on the topic of Agile project management tools. Part of our research is to conduct a survey in order to gather statistics about Agile tool usage and needs. But our scope of research is more than agile project management softwares, because we believe and statistics show that many companies still prefer using traditional project management tools and spread sheets over agile project management softwares.

    To discover more on this subject we conduct a brief survey. My question is how can we can find the right people to send our survey? By the way it would be great that you fill out our survey :)

    The survey can be found in our newborn blog:

    Many thanks,

  10. Vending Machines Business says:

    In order to have a great projects, an effective project management must be implemented. In this way, you could easily monitor all the possible changes such as improvement of the projects in a more effective matter.

  11. Green Armour says:

    Agile really seems like it's not too terribly worth it. :/

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