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Agile Specification

by Joe Little, 4 June 2012 | The Agile Blogosphere

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This is a “just enough, just in time” concept.

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OK.  So, it is something ‘written’ that the PO gets done for the Implementers in the team. The Implementers define exactly what they need, and the agile spec is neither more nor less than what they need.  To get it done right. Quickly. High quality. Etc.

What might it contain?

Well, anything useful.

I think it is easiest to think of conceptually if you think of 1/2 page (or 1 page or maybe 2-3 pages if the drawings are big) tied to each small sprint-sized user story.

It is simplest to think of the Agile Spec being ‘written’ ‘one sprint ahead’.  And being checked for ‘ready, ready’ before the Sprint Planning Meeting.  But your real world may require some common sense adjustments to that. But be careful; common sense is remarkably uncommon.

Maybe hand-written, maybe on a wiki.  Maybe in a Word doc.

Who writes it?  Well, the...

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