All About Agile: The Book

All About Agile - The Book

I have organised and edited the most popular educational content from the posts I have written here into a 380 page A5 book.  To buy it now on, click on the link below:

All About Agile: The Book on

Or if you prefer a PDF eBook, you can purchase and download it here:

Get the PDF eBook

The posts in the book are organised by topic, so you can read the whole thing from cover to cover, or just dip in and read whatever bits take your fancy.



8 Responses to “All About Agile: The Book”

  1. Steve McDonald says:

    Do you do discounts for ex employees ;-)

  2. Kelly Waters says:

    No Steve, there are too many! Don’t you know how hard it is for authors to make ends meet :)

  3. Anthony J Clink says:

    That is too funny. I stumbled on your book and am thinking of buying it. Thought McDonald’s post and your reply are priceless.

  4. Cliff Booysen says:

    Hi Kelly

    Your book wouldn’t happen to be for sale in an eBook format, would it?

    Unfortunately getting Amazon to deliver to South Africa is a problem…*sigh*

  5. John Potter says:

    Why is there no kindle version? I really don’t want to buy a physical book.

  6. Kelly Waters says:

    Hi John,

    Unfortunately I don’t have a Kindle version of my book yet, however if you’d like to pay by paypal instead of on Amazon I would be happy to send you a PDF version by email. If you’re interested in doing that, please email me at

    Best wishes,

  7. Stuart Asakawa says:

    Hi Kelly,
    I have an older copy of the 55 page pdf. I have not shared it due to respect of the copyright. Now that it is out of print, can I share it (along with a link to buy the new book :) )? You do great work, thanks

  8. Kelly Waters says:

    Hi Stuart, yes oyu can, no problem. Thank you for asking.


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