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Don’t Estimate Stories In Sprint Planning

by Andrew Fuqua, 2 September 2014 | The Agile Blogosphere

This is part three in a series on estimating. Part one was “Don’t Estimate Software Defects” and Part two was “Don’t Estimate Spikes”. I don’t estimate stories in sprint planning. Nor do I re-estimate stories in sprint planning. I estimate stories in a separate estimating meeting and usually at least a couple sprints in advance, if not more. There are a few reasons...
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Bottom-Up Implementation & Top-Down Intent

A good strategy that I have used for dealing with complex agile transformations in large enterprises has two parts: bottom-up implementation and top-down intent. As Mike puts it, this...
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Lack of Predictability: Your Biggest Problem

What I’m seeing at many of my clients is an inability to know what will be completed in the next release. This shows up as missed dates and frustration over broken commitments...
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Agile Health Metrics for Predictability

LeadingAgile uses Agile Health Metrics to demonstrate the results of our process improvement efforts and to identify areas that need further improvement. We have many internal documents...
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Use Feature Teams. Yes, Use Component Teams

This is a follow-on to my post on starting an agile transformation with Structure 1st and to Mike Cottmeyer’s great article on feature teams and component teams and is based on some...
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Structure 1st: Why You Should Not Start With Practices

Starting your agile transformation with a focus on practices is not an entirely bad idea, but with the wrong culture and structure, agile practices will be superficial. People will...
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