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Thinking Together for Release Planning

I’ve been noodling on the phrase “Thinking Together”. Thinking Together is one aspect of the mindset that Product Owners need to embrace. I have been using this phrase with new Product Owners to explain why many Agile practices work. But each time I start to write about this simple idea, it gets complicated because I get into process steps and roles and responsibilities. Yesterday,...
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Beware of Common Sense

by Dean Stevens, 20 September 2012
The Agile Blogosphere

When working with organizations in Agile transformations, I help them to do what makes sense. I encourage them to challenge me when they think I am suggesting something that does not...
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Appetite for Change

Change is hard and many people do not have an appetite for change. Transitioning to Agile involves a lot: new thinking, processes, practices and tools. So managers and Agile coaches...
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