Defining Ready and Done

When leading development teams, I see most of the wasted activities happen during the development phase. If work is not ready before development begins, there can be delays waiting for clarifications from the business. If acceptance criteria is not clearly defined before development begins, work can go on and on as the team tries to appease the customer. What your agile team needs is a clear definition...

Collaboration in Agile Development: Should Agile Teams Work in a Bubble?

When a developer posed a question to his Twitter followers a couple of weeks ago about collaboration between agile teams and the business side of the organization, a coworker passed the question my way. Despite the fact that I wasn't able to respond on Twitter...

When PMI Introduced the Elephant – Part 1

Last October I entered the Gaylord National with a little trepidation. The PMI North American Congress was taking place and I found out that several people I admire in the Agile space were going to be attending and speaking. Leading up to the major PMI event,...

The Gemba Walk

As part of a recent engagement, Bob Payne and I went to assess and coach a group of Agile teams out in Iowa. Each morning, we would arrive before the daily stand-ups. Each morning we walked around, listened in on conversations and got updates from the teams....

Definitive versus Empirical

Ever heard of the cone of uncertainty? The cone shows the historical error at certain time periods in a tropical cyclone forecast. What happens today and what has happened in the past is pretty much all we know. We can certainly use all kinds of scientifically...

Organize Around Teams

Several years ago, I was working with a client who was obsessed with keeping resources (in this case, people) 100-percent utilized. The client boasted that he had a strong matrixed organizational structure and everyone was a member of multiple teams working on...

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What People Say

“Kelly is an Agile heavy-weight. He came in to assess my multi-million $ Agile development program which wasn’t delivering the right throughput. He interviewed most of the team and made some key recommendations that, when implemented, showed immediate results. I couldn’t ask for more than that except he’s a really nice guy as well.”



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