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How to create an Agile Burn-Up Graph in Google Docs

by Kane Mar, 17 September 2014 | The Agile Blogosphere

A Burn-Up graph is simply a stack graph showing the total amount of work the team has in their product backlog over a number of Sprints. I’ve used a variety of different Agile Burn-Up graphs over the years. Here’s one of my favourites:   Agile Burn-Up Graph   I created this with Excel while working with an insurance company based in Mayfield, Ohio. In this article I’ll show...
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A collection of funny Scrum videos

by Kane Mar, 25 April 2013
The Agile Blogosphere

Richard Hundhausen has put together a great list of funny Scrum/Agile related videos. Some of these scrum videos are classics such as High Moon Studios: Portrait of Scrum and Adam...
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