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Remote versus Co-located Work

by Martin Fowler, 19 October 2015 | The Agile Blogosphere

In the software industry we hear a lot of discussion about the pros and cons of remote work, and a recent outbreak of that finally got me to write my thoughts down. I point out that there's distinct patterns of remoteness, which yield different trade-offs and varied techniques to make them work. I recognize that we lack any conclusive evidence on effectiveness, but sense ...
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Microservice Trade Offs

Many development teams have found the microservices architectural style to be a superior approach to a monolithic architecture. But other teams have found them to be a ...
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How to Change a Culture

Mike Bland concludes his article on testing culture with some general advice on how to change a culture to introduce testing, generalized from his experience at Google and elsewhere....
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10 years and still Cannot Measure Productivity

One of the great frustrations of the software industry is that we don’t have properly built studies to figure out whether development tools and techniques such as object-oriented...
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How do you estimate on an Agile project?

If you’re interested in techniques for estimation, you should take a look at this pdf ebook. It contains half-a-dozen essays on estimating in agile projects, drawn from our experiences...
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An Appropriate Use of Metrics

by Martin Fowler, 19 February 2013
The Agile Blogosphere

Like many of us, my colleague Patrick Kua has seen a lot of use of metrics. Management love their metrics. The thinking goes something like this, “We need a number to measure how...
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New ThoughtWorks Technology Radar

The ThoughtWorks TAB has released the latest edition of our technology radar. As usual this provides our current view on what technologies are interesting, generated by a mix of our...
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Update of "It’s Not Just Standing Up"

Short daily “stand-up” meetings are a regular feature of agile projects. Done well they allow frequent communication across the team with a high signal to noise ratio. Done badly,...
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Signature Series 40% off until May 15

It’s been going on for a bit, but I’ve been tardy in letting people know. Addison-Wesley are currently having a promotion on signature series books. You get 40% off if you...
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