Agile at the Speed of Trust – Organizational Trust

This post is part of a series focusing on the synergies between Agile and trust.  The book The Speed of Trust forms the definition of trust and the framework for this series.  The Speed of Trust uses a definition of “organization” that is relative to the reader.  If the reader is part of a team, that could be the organization.  If the reader is in charge of a department, that could be the organization. ...

Agile at the Speed of Trust – Relationship Trust

Once Self Trust is established, the second wave of trust, Relationship Trust, can be tackled.  The Speed of Trust defines 13 behaviors as being critical to establishing trust in a relationship.  Although the book focuses on interpersonal trust, these behaviors...

Agile at the Speed of Trust – Self Trust

The first post in this series provided an overview of the synergy between The Speed of Trust and Agile.  This post focuses on the first wave of trust, Self Trust. Agile relies on cross-functional teams of individuals.  These individuals bring a set of personalities...

Agile at the Speed of Trust – An Overview

Guest Post from Peter Callies:  As LeadingAgile grows, you are going to start seeing more posts from people other than me.  One of these days we’ll get Dennis to do a post… probably Rick as well.  One of the things I’ve considered for a few...

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What People Say

“Kelly is an Agile heavy-weight. He came in to assess my multi-million $ Agile development program which wasn’t delivering the right throughput. He interviewed most of the team and made some key recommendations that, when implemented, showed immediate results. I couldn’t ask for more than that except he’s a really nice guy as well.”