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Just Start!

by Travis Birch, 27 September 2013 | The Agile Blogosphere

I have heard many reasons why a new team should wait to start “doing” Agile.  Recently, I was asked to help a group who was struggling to get a Scrum team started.  They had real obstacles to overcome, but waiting wasn’t helping them. This group was part of an IT initiative to develop a business intelligence program for a large energy company.  The existing processes were highly...
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Building Capabilities for High-Performance, Part 1

by Travis Birch, 5 September 2013
The Agile Blogosphere

This is my first crack at a series of posts intended to document reflections, insights and experiences that have been generated over the past several years at Berteig Consulting in...
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Reflections on Agile Business Leadership

From push system to pull system thinking One of the disconnects holding teams back the most in an organization embarking on an Agile transformation is the lack of will and perhaps understanding...
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