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Bored at a Daily Stand-up? Question the “Who” and “Why”

by Olga Kouzina, 26 September 2013 | The Agile Blogosphere

This post is from Edge of Chaos | Agile Development Blog by Olga Kouzina. Click here to see the original post in full.

It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that posts on daily stand-up meetings take a top standing (*pun intended*) among the blogs related to Scrum. Looks like I’m ready to put my two cents in as well.

When researching on some practice, I first look if there are any meaningful clues in its name. According to the classical definition, daily stand-up meetings are held with people in upright standing position for the reason that looks quite ridiculous: discomfort of standing for too long is supposed to keep the meetings short. Hmm… If there’s no other motive to keep the meetings short, rather than the urge to get seated faster, something must be missing in the whole concept of daily stand-ups. It means they can get so boring, that people would lose focus even in less than 5-10 minutes. Most likely, they would have trouble focusing on what the others are saying, because it’s in no way related to their current work (or related remotely).  As a consequence of this boredom, the team skip preparation for the stand-ups since they know that it’s a formal thing, and sometimes all they have to share with the others is:  ”I was digging into some bugs, looking how to fix them, will go on with that today as well”. No commitments are made, and the same status updates are delivered for several days in a row.

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