CNN: "Agile Development Is Transforming Business"

CNN Agile Development Is Transforming BusinessCNN has compiled a list of the 50 people, products, trends, and ideas that are transforming the world of business. Agile Software Development ranks #18.

“It started as a rebellion against overwrought, Dilbert-style software development projects. Today the set of practices known as agile software development is reshaping the way coders and entrepreneurs create Web-based services. Agile teams work very quickly — sometimes in as little as a week — to create small chunks of code. Once a component is finished, additional features are added, with the process repeating indefinitely. Agile also has a reputation for enabling managers to deliver products on time and under budget, which helps explain why it has become a methodology of choice at companies like Google and Lockheed Martin.”

50 Who/What Matters in Business, according to CNN

4 Responses to “CNN: "Agile Development Is Transforming Business"”

  1. Anonymous says:

    the article says:

    “Agile also has a reputation for enabling managers to deliver products on time and under budget..”

    this is exactly what is wrong

    these kind of claim and focus is miss the point entirely

    the term ‘agile’ has lost meaning

    all just another way for manager to say “faster deadline”

  2. Stefan says:

    I agree with Anonymous there. Agile is not about delivering faster, it’s about delivering what the client wants. It’s about functionality, not about speed. Agile projects may still go over deadlines, but what is being delivered fits better with the wishes of the client. That is what it is about.

  3. Derek Morrison says:

    Stefan it’s also about stakeholder management. Agile (well at least the Scrum version of it) enables customers to see (by reviewing the burn down chart) if deadlines are going to be missed and then take appropriate action – i.e. reduce the scope or delay launch and allow more sprints before going to market…. This puts the development team, project & product managers in a better position because issues can be identified earlier on in the process and therefore business-expectations managed in a transparent way.

  4. Stefan says:

    There is nothing wrong with saying Agile allows you to deliver products on time…Both Stefan and Derek are right that it more customer focused and transparently manageable, but it’s also about having a releasable product in the end of each iteration. So, there is nothing wrong with saying Agile allows you to deliver products on time…And most of the times it’s faster as it enhances communication which not only asures delivering the right product but also saves time. And it all started with Rapid Application Development

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