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Early Feedback Reduces Anger and Frustration

by Mark Levison, 22 October 2012 | The Agile Blogosphere

This post is from Agile Pain Relief by Mark Levison. Click here to see the original post in full.

Have you seen a developer react after they’ve spent three days writing a feature, only to have the tester say, “Um,..NFrustrated User.jpg o that’s not right.” after 5 minutes? Its not a pretty sight. Have you ever been part of Post Mortem (a meeting on about a project after it has finished) that went badly wrong – with lots of finger pointing and anger?

Recently in CSM Class an attendee helped me see the emotion of the situation. The more time that has passed, the more emotion and energy we will have invested in an activity. The more energy we’ve invested, the harder it is to see new perspectives and perhaps even let go entirely.

Specification By Example and Retrospectives help by reducing the length of the feedback cycle. In the case of Specification By Example we get the team members who will be involved in implementing the feature to sit down together before any code is written. Its much easier to accept changes before we’ve done much work on the feature. Retrospectives are similar, because they reduce the length...

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