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Evolve or Die: Build an Agile Business

This post is from Agile Development Blog: Scaling Software Agility by Bruce Winegarden. Click here to see the original post in full.

I love riding 100 mph on twisty, turning race tracks -- my favorite is Laguna Seca in Monterey, California. In racing, as in business, keeping the finish line in mind is important, but if you can’t negotiate the curves and respond quickly to changing conditions along the way -- you won’t win.

In this uber-competitive technology marketplace, the pace of change is only increasing. Disruptive new technologies are changing the game. Savvy business leaders are applying key agile concepts of continuous innovation, shorter iterations, and fail early/fail fast/fail often experiments not only to the development team - but to the entire portfolio management process.

Agile is not just for developers anymore. Once considered an esoteric “thing” that software developers “did,” Agile practices have moved mainstream and are spreading across the the enterprise. Business leaders are working to engage more people throughout the entire company to make more informed decisions at a faster pace.  The demand for better business agility is especially evident for portfolio management and strategic planning that has traditionally been tied to annual planning cycles.

An Agile business will establish a much faster cadence than the traditional...

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