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Go Talk To Your Stakeholders

by Mike Griffiths, 24 September 2012 | The Agile Blogosphere

This post is from LeadingAnswers: Leadership and Agile Project Management Blog by Mike Griffiths. Click here to see the original post in full.

P4As a PM, what is
the most effective thing you can do for your project in the next hour? (After
finishing this article, of course!) I would suggest speaking to your project
team members and business representatives about where their concerns lie and
what they believe the biggest risks for the project are. The reason being that
while tarting up a WBS or re-leveling a project plan might be familiar and
comfortable (where you are a master of your own domain), it really amounts to
nothing if your project is heading for trouble. Like rearranging deck chairs
when you should be looking for icebergs, there are better uses of your time.

The frequency and
magnitude of IT project failures are so prevalent and epic that people can
appear in denial of their ability to influence, or “in acceptance” that a
certain percentage of projects just go south. Does it need to be that way? If
we spent more time asking people where stuff could go wrong rather than making
ever more polished models of flawed project plans, could...

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