Good Fences & Good Neighbors

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I'm always amazed at people who quote "Good fences make good neighbors" and don't know that they should be doing so with irony in their voice.  Had they studied the poem, rather than the cliff notes, they would likely have gotten that irony is required when quoting Mr Frost's Mending Wall.

An asside on the Roman God Terminus - the god of boundaries.

The festival of the Terminalia was celebrated in Rome and in the country on the 23rd of February.  The neighbors on either side of any boundary gathered around the landmark [the stones which marked boundaries], with their wives, children, and servants; and crowned it, each on his own side, with garlands, and offered cakes and, bloodless sacrifices. In later times, however, a lamb, or sucking pig, was sometimes slain, and the stone sprinkled with the blood. Lastly, the whole neighborhood joined in a general feast.

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