How To Write A One-Page Proposal to an Executive

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One day you may need to communicate with an executive. Pro tip 1:  executives do not have time for you to dim the lights and show them forty slides with charts composed of animated dancing leprechauns and flashing arrows that emerge from the void in a checkerboard pattern. Pro tip 2:   Guys, and gals with deep voices, executives also don't need you to use your "Radio Announcer Voice." As a rule

2 Responses to “How To Write A One-Page Proposal to an Executive”

  1. Kelly Waters says:

    Great post Elena. I remember for years executives turning straight to the back page of my report or deck and one particular executive telling me they wish I’d save everyone the trouble and just put the back page at the front. Good advice! Maybe people don’t even have to insert the summary page – they probably have it at the back!


  2. P.S.
    consider using this style of communication with other co-workers too

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