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If You Chase Two Rabbits, You Won’t Catch Either

by Kelly Waters, 25 August 2010 | Lean Development

Need I say more?

No, thought not :)



3 Responses to “If You Chase Two Rabbits, You Won’t Catch Either”

  1. Cagil Seker says:

    no, you don't :) a simple reminder that's worthy of putting up on a wall.. it reminded me of this:

  2. Anonymous says:

    So if you are looking for a job, do you only apply to one. Thought not!

  3. Kelly Waters says:

    Hi anonymous. If you're looking for a job, apply for one at a time. The phrase is meant to emphasise the dangers of multi-tasking, not to say that you go for one rabbit and then stop! Oh well, perhaps I'll give up on blogging philosophical quotes :)


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