Implementing Scrum (PowerPoint)

After seeing how popular my last presentation was (10 Key Principles of Agile Software Development) – and following numerous requests to do another one – I’ve created this PowerPoint presentation about ‘Implementing Scrum’.

This presentation follows my latest series about How To Implement Scrum in 10 Easy Steps. It goes step by step, with pictures and notes on each slide from my blog. The notes are not intended to be a script, but should hopefully still be very helpful.

When you buy this presentation for $15, you will also get access to my last presentation ’10 Key Principles of Agile’ free of charge.

If you purchase this presentation, all I ask is that you credit as the source, do not publish it (in print or on the web) and please do not circulate it (please direct people to this address).  Thanks in advance for your cooperation with these conditions.

I sincerely hope you find the presentation useful – for $15 you can’t really go far wrong! ¬†Your feedback is very welcome – please let me know what you think via comments on this post.

To buy the presentation, please click on the link below:

‘All About Agile’ Presentations


Implementing Scrum - PowerPoint Presentation

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4 Responses to “Implementing Scrum (PowerPoint)”

  1. Erik says:

    I’ve used this presentation with both technical teams and business people. It was really useful and saved me tons of time! Thank you Kelly and please keep up the good work ;-)

  2. Mary Balmer says:

    Thank you so much.

    I’m currently attempting to put some Scrum training sessions together and when I did a search on “Scrum” and “Estimating”, I found your page with wonderful information about how to implement Scrum in 10 easy steps.

    The information was so helpful, I was more than happy to pay your very small fee.

  3. Caim says:

    Man, that made me pissed off. I want to buy the PPT, but Brazil isnt still an option for buyers.

  4. Kelly Waters says:

    Caim, email me on to let me know your email address…


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