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Hi all,

[warning -- a little bit long -- over 802.13453223 words -- sorry]

This week has been instrumental in helping me get some great clarity of where I am taking the site in the future.  Some people I know missed my original posting earlier this week — so if you did not read them go back a few posting to see what has lead to this posting tonight!

I am headed out this weekend (a camping trip with my two boys) and will return on Monday afternoon.


I have no travel plans for next week.

So here is the Product Backlog for the site (prioritized, not estimated yet) — we’ll see what makes it to the Sprint Backlog for next week.

1) Cartoons – Publish one translated (of the original chicken and pig) along with a new one (this is actually on Sprints!).  We have three more comic strips in the pipeline for release on the blog in the future.

2) Job Board – The infrastructure is setup.  Now we need about 3-5 people to help bring it to fruition.  I need to schedule a call or start an email thread with those who are interested in helping me on this project.  If you are, please contact me and you’ll hear from me early next week.

3) Training Material – The infrastructure is setup.  I need to publish the rollout plan for making this happen and start implementing it next week by people signing up for a new list.  The goal will be to get people enough information on an on-going basis that they can then take it back to their locations and deliver it with ease. Options will include FREE, a subscription to talk to the trainers who are developing this (and recorded web-casts), and of course on-site paid consultation with me and other trainers to help you jump-start the tailoring process and we will work with you hand-in-hand to develop and even co-teach the class with you.  The free information will be just as good as the other available options… I promise that!  I’ll need you to keep me honest on that!

4) Remember that “Scrum on a Page” that I asked for comments on a few months ago.  Wow.  I had so much information to synthesize that I am now ready to meet with Tony and have him do a “Implementing Scrum” overhaul on it to match the site.  This will become the cornerstone of the site and will be used in multiple ways.  I am super-excited about this!  And.  It will not be perfect; however, just like the theme of our site, we need to have something to start those tough conversations.  I think this will hit that mark!

5) Build a small affiliate program.  As many of you know, I travel a LOT around the world.  One of the ways this is possible is by making sure I can sell seats into the workshops (or create billable consulting hours).  If you are interested in becoming an affiliate for selling seats into my classes — or even consulting engagements — this is the time for you to contact me and let me know your interest.  The model rocks, and will be rolled out soon too.

6) I am in need of a developer to help me take an XML file and run it through some sort of converter so that I do not have to manually create the page  I have access to the XML file and I’d like the output to look similar to what is out there today.  This is something that just irks me because the data is available and without automation we have dual work to do (bad thing!).

7) I need to port the site to a wordpress site.  The infrastructure is setup.  Just time is needed to actually do it.  Fun stuff.  But… I need to keep driving revenue from that site and keeping the site as free from advertisers as possible (I hope you enjoy that it REALLY does not have any advertising except for some things about me.

8) I need a few people who can commit to checking the forum a few days per week and making sure that spam does not get interjected.  I have been really bad at checking this on a regular basis and know the forum is an important place for REAL people using Scrum to exchange information.  Interested?  Please let me know.  I’d appreciate it.

So, this is the PRODUCT backlog of what I have going on just for the site.  This is in addition to all the traveling I am currently doing and plan on doing in the future.

Have a great weekend!

If you have any input on the priority of things listed above, please comment about it here and I will listen to all my stakeholders (you) [smile].

Thank you, again, for everything you do. 

- mike vizdos

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