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I have written a new booklet that I want you to have (I think you will find it useful) and also to comment on.
E-BookIt is about Agile Release Planning.

It proposes that agile release planning consists of these major steps (at least):

  1. Assemble the Team and some business stakeholders
  2. Agree on the Vision (of the release or maybe more)
  3. Create the Product Backlog
  4. Determine the Business Value
  5. Estimate the Effort
  6. Consider Risks, Dependencies, Learning, MMFS and other factors
  7. Order the Work
  8. Do the scope-date trade-off
  9. Finalize the initial plan
  10. Consider the ‘communication plan’

Note that the purpose of the work is not focused on the release plan itself. The most important purpose is the Team together with the business stakeholders start seeing the same elephant.

So, I wrote a booklet to show and explain how I teach teams to do each of these steps. And to address some of the ‘lessons learned’ in doing this approach in the real world.

I hope you will read it and comment. Please download it here. It is 28 pages.

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