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Kanban as Multiban?

by Olga Kouzina, 1 October 2013 | The Agile Blogosphere

This post is from Edge of Chaos | Agile Development Blog by Olga Kouzina. Click here to see the original post in full.

We’ve been working for several years with Kanban process, and there’s quite a bit of experience about it that we’ve shared (see the posts tagged with “kanban”). I’ve contemplated things around Kanban recently, and here’s another interesting perspective. It might help make more sense of the Kanban method as a method for managing knowledge work, and software development work, in particular.

If we look into the 6 core Kanban practices, as identified by David J. Anderson in his fundamental book “Kanban — Successful Evolutionary Change for your Technology Business“, the first practice is “visualize“.  While the other 5 practices (Limit WIP, manage flow, make policies explicit, implement feedback loops, improve collaboratively) are very important, the visualization practice is the key to all of them. Taking a flashback into how Kanban evolved historically, first it was a system “to control the logistical chain from a production point of view“.  Seems like Kanban as a method for software development differs from Kanban as a scheduling system for the material production in the following...

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