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Kanban ideas

by Joe Little, 24 February 2013 | The Agile Blogosphere

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We have been talking about Kanban a bit lately in other venues.

Let’s talk about some key Kanban ideas in Scrum. Here.

1. Do the most important thing first.

In Scrum, we want the Product Owner to order the work (the PBIs or User Stories) mainly by Business Value.  (Yes, we talk about ‘ordered’ now, but this is mainly Business Value, looked at from the ‘right’ time dimension, not ‘let’s do the low BV things first.’)

2. Pull

In Scrum, we only work on things that the PO has ‘pulled.’  We don’t do what we want, and hope it will sell.  We don’t create ‘excess’ inventory.

Is this perfect?  Well, no. The ideal is that the PO has received an order from ‘the customer.’  But this varies by business and by product.

But at least the PO, on behalf of the customer, says he wants it. Now.

3. Flow

Scrum has flow for each story. Anytime flow is stopped, as shown by the Scrum Board, then that impediment should be fixed.

It is true that flow stops for the 15 minute stand-up each day.  This is not really a problem.

How does Toyota do it?  Toyota (Taiichi Ohno) says that the Team must be in sync. As in crew, they must row in sync. That’s his metaphor.  Scrum has the same concept, in part as shown in the Daily Scrum.  Toyota...

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