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Lame Scrum Implementations

by Joe Little, 18 May 2011 | Scrum

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I was talking to a colleague about one problem, and then said, "but this is not our biggest problem -- our biggest problem is lame scrum implementations."

So, I thought I would discuss that.

First, truly, our biggest problem is not Scrum or anything to do with Scrum. Our biggest problem is to figure out what "the good life" is, and then to live it. (A nod to Socrates.)

But, if we take the premise in business (which I do) that Scrum helps us live the good life, then anything that hurts Scrum, hurts us.

And I think Scrum, unfairly, is getting a bad reputation because of lame Scrum implementations. And, more to the point, people are suffering with 'less good' lives because of bad Scrum implementations.

Now, in every case I have seen, a bad Scrum implementation is better than what they were doing before. Still....

OK. What are the root causes of bad Scrum implementations? Here are my top 5.

1. Bad team.

By this I mean a team that is fundamentally not competent for the work that they have to do, or is fundamentally dysfunctional.

This is pretty darn rare, but I have seen it happen.

2. Bad company.

This is a company or company culture that apparently does not allow any impediments to be removed. Or almost none. Or only at great...

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