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Lean or Kanban or Agile

by VersionOne, 4 April 2011 | Lean Development

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This post originally published by Mike Cottmeyer for Agile Chronicles, May 2009.

Here I am.. Sunday afternoon.. Mother's day. Just got back from taking the family out for a low key Mother's day celebration and now I've got a little quiet time before the week begins. The conference last week was quite a rush... had a great time... met a lot of great people. Before the week gets going I want to sort through some of my thoughts on this whole Lean/Kanban thing.

A bit of history... Mary Poppendieck was one of the first few authors I ever read when I got formally introduced into the agile community. I recall how much her book resonated with me then... and looking back I can see how much it influenced how I think about agile... and the agile movement as a whole. I tell you guys that to say I have never made much of a distinction between agile and lean. To me... it was just a different way of looking at the same fundamental truth.

A buddy of mine recently told me the story of the blind men and the elephant. The general idea of the story is that we have a bunch of blind guys in a room with an elephant (sounds like a problem waiting to happen to me). These guys are each touching the elephant on different parts of its body. The guy touching the tail says an elephant is like rope... the guy touching its leg says the elephant is like a tree... the guy touching its ear says it is like a giant leaf. You get the idea. The point is that...

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