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Managing self-organizing teams

by Joe Little, 8 June 2013 | The Agile Blogosphere

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How do we suggest that managers …well… manage self-organizing teams?

By self-organizing, we also mean self-managing.  Let’s assume that not all ‘self-organizing teams’ will self-organize or self-manage effectively.

So, a few suggestions.

1. Get rid of almost all the old stuff.

We really want you to think about getting rid of it all.  I cannot say from a distance that it will actually be good in every case to get rid of it all. But if you can’t justify it to skeptics, it likely it not useful stuff (meeting, report, dashboard, whatever).

Maybe keep one or two ‘group’ meetings at fairly long intervals, eg, once a month. (We are assuming that the Sprint meetings will give them and you most of the information you all need.)

2. Offer to give the teams feedback.

Get reasonable information from the Scrum teams. Information that they already have.  Discuss with them how you are looking at overall success.  Go to the main meetings. Offer to discuss.  Offer to give feedback.  But don’t force yourself on them.

2b. Overall success

Of course managers should be involved in defining overall success for a team. The basic mission and the key constraints.

I would typically recommend a focus on business value and velocity.  By velocity, we always have to say “We don’t want you working...

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