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Middle Managers and Scrum

by Joe Little, 24 February 2011 | The Agile Blogosphere

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In a lot of organizations I work with, we need to do a better job of explaining Scrum to the middle managers.

Most of the people in the Teams get Scrum and see benefits. Most of the senior guys see their metrics get better, and, if they focus on the right feedback, hear and see good things.

But often the middle managers feel left out. Yes, they see benefits here and there, but often not for themselves. They should actually see benefits for themselves, but no one shows them how to realize those benefits. We just assume they will naturally, without any explanation, understand and adapt to, the change (to Scrum).

But, a common feeling among the middle managers is: 'Who moved my cheese?' (If you know that book.) Meaning: Before, I knew how to manage and be successful and show progress. Now, with Scrum, they moved all my levers. And how do I function successfully?

So, we need to take the time to explain it to them.

Here is a first, too...

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