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More success with Scrum – How to get it

by Joe Little, 25 September 2013 | The Agile Blogosphere

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Fernando Cuenca has an excellent blog post, here.  He discusses what he learned at Agile 2013.

I will summarize his learnings in my words.

  1. The ultimate question is: how to have a better life for yourself, your Team, and your Customers.  And then, specifically at work, using Scrum.

  2. Measure velocity. And specifically, look for increases in velocity. Otherwise known as: acceleration.  Measure velocity in Story Points.  But don’t become obsessed by a number — look at the bigger picture.

  3. Get the user stories ‘ready, ready’ before the Sprint Planning Meeting.  It will increase velocity. In part by reducing churn in the sprint.

  4. Have a clear DOD.  Definition of Done.  Being ready, ready will help you get to done, done.

  5. Do a better Daily Stand-up.  Who knew the Daily Scrum was for the Team to self-organize and self-manage?  (I am teasing all of us — not teasing Fernando at all.) I like this formulation:  ‘what did I complete yesterday that helps the Team achieve our sprint goal?’  The Team focus is important.

  6. Measure Team happiness. (See Jeff Sutherland’s Scrum Log.)  If they aren’t happier, you aren’t doing Scrum right.

  7. Focus...

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