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‘Agile Executive’ – 1 day workshop with Kelly Waters

by Kelly Waters, 23 June 2015 | Uncategorized

Hi everyone, Until now, I have only offered training & workshops as part of my consulting service to clients.  Now, for the first time, I am offering an open workshop for managers and executives that are embarking on or part of an agile transformation.  Details below... 'Agile Executive' Creating an organisation that is fast moving, dynamic and more customer centric. A 1 day workshop...
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Fear is Waterfall

by Kelly Waters, 23 June 2015

This article was written by Haran Rasalingam and was first published on thetrainline engineering blog The big selling point of Agile is the fast return on investment it promises. But...
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Agile Transformation … Learning What Doesn’t Work Is The Key To Success

I was teaching a private class a few weeks ago and a student in the class mentioned that his company had “already failed at Agile three different times.” The way the statement...
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An Introduction to Cost of Delay

I was recently watching an episode of Shark Tank. I loved the unfiltered statement from Kevin O’Leary (Mr. Wonderful) toward an entrepreneur seeking an investor in his company. I’m...
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Is Predictability Really What We Want?

Predictability in software system delivery is as close to a Holy Grail as it comes in the IT industry. I’ve heard many people stress being able to have a predictable delivery cadence...
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Failure Modes of an Agile Transformation: Workflow

In my previous post on the first three Agile transformation failure modes, I focused on the LEADERSHIP aspects of failure: lack of real executive sponsorship, failure to transform...
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What’s the Hurry? Building a Digital Enterprise

By Jim Highsmith and David Robinson Are the forces behind digital business, just one more wave of technology fueled change or is today’s business environment fundamentally different?...
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Changing the Tires

You're driving down the highway trying to reach a distant destination. You've had delays such as traffic along the way, and you know that you're going to have to "push it" in order...
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Operationalizing Strategy with a Systems Perspective

While there are many books and much research on organizational development, this system view combined with some validated learning over time, is a powerful way to look at organizational...
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3 Thinking Tools for Minimizing Dependencies Between Products

In my post about how to form teams, I talk about products… not in their monolithic, holistic state… but as a subsystem within a larger integrated solutions architecture. In other...
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The Evolution of Teams

My other workshop submission for the Agile 2015 Conference is titled “The Evolution of Teams” and examines one team that stopped doing the traditional agile practices is more agile...
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Bend the Spoon

Bend the spoon is a phrase we use quite a bit here at LeadingAgile. I don’t want to hear what’s happening, I want to hear what we need to make happen… and what we are doing to...
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Fueling Delivery Teams

by Rick Austin, 27 February 2015
The Agile Blogosphere

I’ve started using an analogy to illustrate the importance of product owner teams in larger organizations.  When working with organizations to do an agile transformation, almost...
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