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by Kelly Waters, 21 August 2014 | Uncategorized

My sincere apologies for the problem on my blog at the moment, where the Read More links are just refreshing the page and not going to the original article as they should. This is a problem with the Wordpress plugin I am using to aggregate and then publish content from other bloggers and authors, which I am currently trying to resolve. In the meantime I appreciate your patience... Kelly.

Servant Leadership Model

Do a Google search on "servant leadership" and you will get plenty of hits (2.5 million for me just then). So if you don't know what it is cruise on over to
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Why Agile Estimates Don’t Work – Part 2

In Why Agile Estimates Don’t Work – Part 1 I’ve explained why estimates don’t work if someone sees them primarily as a commitment to timing. And, just as I expected,...
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Agile Assessments

Agile Assessments Assessments come in all forms, and there are many reasons why we do them. In the end, we want to know something about the ability of someone or something. When working...
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My Favourite Ways to Visualize Ideas

We write a lot in the Edge of Chaos blog about visualization, and how helpful it is for project management, problem-solving, strategic thinking and learning. No matter if you’re...
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Build it right to build the right thing

You can’t build the right product if you can’t build the product right. I tweeted that this morning, in response to a Twitter-vibe that was flitting around. I’d like...
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21 Tips on Choosing a Sprint Length

Learn more about our Scrum and Agile training sessions on WorldMindware.comMany teams that I work with choose their Sprint length without too much thought.  Often enough, that’s...
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Agile Cadabra

Agile is not magical. Changing from a waterfall process to an agile process changes how your team works, and helps eliminate inefficiencies. . What makes agile powerful is also makes...
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Retrospective Benefits: Changes that Stick

Change is often hard. But it is also important and much needed. That is why agile software development suggest to frequently inspect and adapt and promotes the usage of retrospectives...
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The Three Fundamental Principles of Agile Estimation – The Third One Will Surprise You!

Learn more about our Scrum and Agile training sessions on WorldMindware.comYou probably already use an Agile Estimation technique such as the Planning Game or the Bucket...
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Speed in Software Development

How to deliver more value faster? I’m constantly thinking about speed in software development. This article is a result of my thoughts. I built a model that describes all obvious...
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How to Change a Culture

Mike Bland concludes his article on testing culture with some general advice on how to change a culture to introduce testing, generalized from his experience at Google and elsewhere....
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Agile Value Creation

Organizations want to have insight in the values that Agile can bring to them. They want to know if and how Agile can help to satisfy customer needs more quickly, and what they can...
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