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Principle #3 of Capacity Planning: Matching Supply to Demand

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In the last two posts on the principles of capacity planning, we touched on the advantages of thinking of the team as a resource unit, and how it’s better to be “roughly right” than precisely wrong. These are both foundation principles when matching demand and supply.

The third principle of capacity planning, matching demand to supply, emphasizes the importance of making choices. It’s necessary to match overall portfolio demand with capabilities and capacity supplied by existing teams in the near-term, while shaping both the demand and supply sides of the portfolio for the long-term. Matching demand and supply must look deeper than just allocating resources to include the interactions between multiple sources of demand and the capabilities of the available teams. The net result is more effective delivery of value, aligned to overall business strategy by more clearly focusing on completing those things that matter most to the business.

Successfully managing a technology portfolio is primarily about making choices that will maximize value delivery for the business. This often means making tradeoff decisions to match overall portfolio demand with available capabilities...

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