Random Thought Scrum Challenge – #1

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I am gathering some great guest postings and am starting to queue up some new cartoons about Scrum (yeah!!!!). You’ll start seeing them in your email and/or on your RSS feeds soon (remember e-mail subscribers get some really cool freebies and other “inside information”).

I want to try something tonight, and I want you to pass this on to your friends (and enemies) and anyone who either knows what Scrum is — or is not.

I want you to finish this sentence:

“Scrum is…”

And… post them to comments on the blog or on twitter (I am mvizdos there and please retweet this challenge (you can do this right on top of this posting under the title!).

What am I going to do with it?

Well… I am giving the universe 24.235 hours to respond. After that, I will have to create a post that integrates all your ideas.

Think it can be done?

Let’s see where this goes!

Thank you.

- mike vizdos

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