Recommended Agile Project Management Software

Agile Project Management Software.I’m curious. I haven’t used specialised agile project management software before. I’ve always relied simply on Excel and as you may know I’m a big fan of the whiteboard!

Nevertheless, I was wondering what is the most popular, or most recommended, agile project management software and thought it would be interesting to run a poll to find out!

Vote for your recommended agile project management software now using the poll below…

I’ve added a few tools to start off with. If the agile project management tool you’d like to recommend isn’t listed, enter it in the ‘Other’ box. I’ll keep an eye on votes for Other and add other tools into the poll as they arise.

Calling all agile bloggers and providers of agile tools! P lease promote this poll. It would be great to get a comprehensive poll of the marketplace and see what tools people recommend. Make sure your software gets the votes it deserves!


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20 Responses to “Recommended Agile Project Management Software”

  1. Dusan Kocurek says:

    Would you mind to add ScrumDesk on your list?

  2. Ilja Preuß says:

    In my not so humble opinion, the recommendation of a tool without knowing the context of the project is nonsense.

  3. Anonymous says:

    RedMine is amazing. We use it at a company handling over 10mil pageviews a month. It provides incredibly tight Mercurial integration as well. We've tried Pivotal Tracker, and Trac prior to moving to RedMine, and we've never looked back.

  4. Kelly Waters says:

    Wow, what a great response! This poll is proving very interesting – keep the responses coming! And if you have a web site, don't forget to promote the poll, so you're software gets the votes it deserves…

    @Ilja – I don't think it's nonsense to recommend a tool without knowing the project context. Project management software ought to be flexible enough to adapt to different projects, as long as they're following the same basic methodology. Most organisations could not evaluate, select, purchase, set up and learn a different tool for different projects. It simply wouldn't be practical. Of course people's circumstances are different. But it's a great starting point to see what others are using, even if it's simply a way of getting a good list of tools that others would recommend…


  5. Ilja Preuß says:

    "Most organisations could not evaluate, select, purchase, set up and learn a different tool for different projects."

    Most *organizations* *shouldn't*. *Teams* should, in my opinion.

  6. Kelly Waters says:

    Sorry Ilja, let me re-phrase, "Most teams could not evaluate, select, purchase, set up and learn a different tool for different projects".

    Teams tend to exist within organisations. Since an organisation can't physically do anything as it's a holding entity for teams and other assets, I think you know what I meant!


  7. Ilja Preuß says:

    What would be impractical about each team choosing and using the tool that works best for it at the moment? Serious question.

  8. Kelly Waters says:

    Hi Ilja

    I think I understand where you're coming from, but in larger organisations, time, money and learning are like to be practical reasons why you can't necessarily choose a different tool for different projects.

    For those tools that offer more of an enterprise-wide view of multiple sprint teams, I would think it would be impractical for most teams to keep changing tools because of the wider stakeholders too.

    Perhaps it's just where I've worked that we have these limitations.

    What do other people think? Why not join the debate…

  9. Agile Analysts says:

    V1 has been one of my favorite for the people, support and ease of group classes of items together. It supports a agile analysis approach which is really the key to avoiding Big Effort Up Front

  10. laburto says:

    After looking at many tools, we decided to go with VersionOne because it is very intuitive. This was important because many of our team members were relatively new to Agile and V1, while having lots of flexibility, provides plenty of guidance on the UI to help them get up to speed faster.

  11. Kelly Waters says:

    Now that I've had more than 1,000 votes in this poll, I've taken the decision to remove any tools with less tan 10 votes.

    Just for the record, these are the ones I've removed:

    Bright Green Projects
    iMeta Agility
    Rational Team Concert

    I'm sure some of these tools are great. In fact I know some are big players. But as they haven't got traction in this poll, I'm keen to cut the poll down so it's easier to use.

    If any of these emerge again under the 'Other' votes, I will add them back in…


  12. Vela says:


    Agilo works well with other tools when compare with agile project management.


  13. iki says:

    Hi! Nice poll. Maybe asking users about reasons behind their choice would be interesting too.

    See also an Open Source Agile Project Management Tools Comparison published recently on

    Regards, Jan

  14. sezam20 says:

    hi. Thank you for this poll.
    I am here to present relatively new tool. XPlanner Plus. It's very simple and intuitive. It's based on XPlanner, and has a new and improved features, such as email notifications, regenerate charts button and new design. It's open source and it is hosted on
    Demo is available.

  15. Marion says:

    I would like to recommend another good overview on Scrum Tools

  16. Rob Lambert says:

    Interesting to see you removing the ones with less than 10 votes.

    I can see why you have done that but I don't think it's very representative.

    Most of these you have removed are fairly new including iMeta Agility, AgileZen and Redmine and have large numbers of users, it just happens these users haven't taken part in this poll.

    So I think it is valuable leaving them all in there and giving the results out at the end.

    No one tool will suit every project so maybe for smaller projects, smaller less feature rich but more usable products would be a valuable addition to the "organisation". Especially since many of these newbie offer good free versions.

    Nice idea for a survey though.


  17. Kelly Waters says:

    Hi Rob

    Sorry, I didn't mean to imply at all that any of these tools aren't any good. I'm sure some are excellent. But with such a small percentage of the votes, I felt I ought to do something because the poll was getting so long that it was not very easy to use.


  18. Nash says:

    Just goggled in and saw your website . According to me it is a really a nice way to use different type of softwares such as agile software for the development of project management.

  19. Xicom Technologies Ltd. says:

    Great Information! Thanks for sharing this information.

  20. Graeme Weis says:

    I've been using <a href=">AgileSoup</a&gt; for a few months now, what gives it the edge in my opinion would have to be the impressive UI. Finally we have an agile project management system that is actually a pleasure to use. This is a clear stand-out for me. As a scrum master i'm already time starved so any process that makes the daily grind easier is a blessing. But it doesn't stop there. It allows for many agile metrics eg. scrum, xp etc. The Agile Wall is also worth a mention, I can basically conduct most management tasks from within this area ie. Adding and updating cards. The flexibility and the drag and drop functionality make it such a breeze to use.
    Overall a top notch app.

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