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Retrospectives, Part 1: In Your Own Sweet Way

by Olga Kouzina, 16 January 2013 | The Agile Blogosphere

This post is from Edge of Chaos | Agile Development Blog by Olga Kouzina. Click here to see the original post in full.

Setting out to write a series of articles on agile retrospectives, I looked at some of the sources currently available on the subject. It turned out that most of the books, articles and blog posts have been written by external facilitators or agile coaches, and sometimes in quite a complicated language.  I somehow got an impression that – at least in their writings – they prefer to go with the generic recommendations cut out for hypothetical dummy John Doe teams.

So, I’m not going to list someone else’s how-to’s, telling you to blindly follow the techniques acclaimed as best practices. Instead, I’d like to focus on some heuristic essentials for a team to be self-sufficient with their retrospectives. When the essentials go home, the how-to’s are not a problem, they come effortlessly as your team intuitively knows what to do. That being said, I will still mention some of the techniques, questioning their practical value in a team-specific context.

Heuristic Approach

Heuristic refers to...

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