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Risk Management – How to Stop Risks from Screwing Up Your Projects!

by Kelly Waters, 23 July 2012 | The Agile Blogosphere

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Risk Management - How to Stop Risks from Screwing Up Your ProjectsRisk management is the proactive management of things that might screw up your projects, or your business.  The trouble is, at least in my experience, that risks often aren’t proactively managed.  They may not be identified, or they might be identified, logged and nothing meaningful done about them.  So how do you prevent risks from being something people just pay lip service too?  How do you make sure they are captured, assessed, and actioned appropriately, so they don’t bite you on the backside later?

Here’s a simple technique that is easy to do and will help you to stop risks from screwing up your projects…

Make risks visible.

First of all, create a ‘risks wall’ for each of your projects.  If you’re

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