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SAFe, LeSS, DAD, and ScrumPLOP

by Joe Little, 20 October 2013 | The Agile Blogosphere

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First, I wanted to say that I feel each ‘large scale agile’ situation is different.  The key problems are different.  And therefore, the solution(s) should be different.

And I like the idea of patterns. This is the patterns idea: “Here are some things (patterns) that others have found useful, and maybe I can steal from them, and maybe even these things (patterns) will be useful for me.”

One of the nice things about patterns is that they start modestly.  They do not boast “oh, I am sure you MUST have this tool.”  They simply suggest: “Oh, you might find this tool useful.”

What is scaling?  I am not sue that people agree. I would like the definition to be clean and precise, something like: “Scaling is when you have 3-7 Scrum Teams working together on one product, or one product release.”  But I am afraid that too many people would disagree on that definition, and even I would say it is probably more specific than can fit reality (only 3-7 teams).

Note: So, scaling is mainly the notion of adding people, and does not say how or in which pattern the people are added. And it is not about Scrum per se.  At least in common usage, scaling does not necessarily assume Scrum. Some might say “Oh, we just use Kanban Teams.”

Here are some places where you can steal (in a nice way).  Because I like patterns, perhaps I like ScrumPLOP...

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