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Scrum is Hard! (Scrum is fun!)

by Joe Little, 7 September 2013 | The Agile Blogosphere

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The classic phrase from Sutherland and Schwaber is: Scrum is simple, but Scrum is hard.

And yet, with almost any decent Team, Scrum is fun. Unless the personal chemistry is dysfunctional.

So: If I don’t warn you  that Scrum is Hard, I am lying.

But if I don’t ‘warn’ you that Scrum will be fun, I am also lying.

OK, but why is Scrum hard?  Here are a few reasons. There are other ways to put it. And probably other reasons.

1. A person does not want to admit that he is imperfect.

Very common, right? And understandable. So, when you see and talk about imperfections, find some way not to let people get defensive.

2. People don’t like to admit that ‘we’ are imperfect.

From a certain point of view, this is silly. But it is also how humans are. We don’t like to ‘air our dirty linen’ we sometimes say.

So, this can be a hard thing to change. Again, a lot of it is how we talk about it. So, one cliche is that we phrase it as ‘opportunities for improvement’.  Sometimes very useful.

The key here: Scrum makes obvious lots of personal, team and organizational ‘problems’ or impediments. Makes them very obvious. And some people find this very very hard. And for us Scrum guys, getting those people not to make a mess can be very hard.

3. Change


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