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Scrum Team in Waterfall Land! What to do?

by Joe Little, 13 October 2011 | Agile Teams, Scrum

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The real question sent to me was:What are some tips for integrating our SCRUM model with non-Scrum groups who will not be adopting the process?One can go many places with this question, and there could be other questions within this questions.For now, let me answer two questions.

1. In general the culture and the management systems (eg, metrics) is used to waterfall.  With a Scrum team(s), what should we do about this?

The finding is that this will remain a small-ish and firm and increasingly annoying impediment until you fix it.  

Fixing it entails, ultimately, changing the whole company culture in a pretty significant way. Which, for a large company, takes a long time.  Sometimes, you can select out a major group within the larger company, and just change that culture.

Doing this is hard work...

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