Scrumaholics Anonymous!

Scrumaholics AnonymousI read this blog post from Tobias Mayer that compares Scrum with Alchoholics Anonymous… It made me laugh out loud! :-)

There are some interesting parallels, but I can’t imagine what possessed Tobias to think of this. That’s what you call laterall thinking!

Stan Taylor has expanded further on this post on his Agile Testing blog, highlighting several AA slogans that seem to be totally in line with the principles of Scrum!

So that got me thinking about the Agile Alliance. Maybe the initials are just a coincidence? :-)

My name is Kelly. And I’m a Scrumaholic.

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“Kelly is an Agile heavy-weight. He came in to assess my multi-million $ Agile development program which wasn’t delivering the right throughput. He interviewed most of the team and made some key recommendations that, when implemented, showed immediate results. I couldn’t ask for more than that except he’s a really nice guy as well.”