Software Delivery As A Competitive Advantage – The Need for Change

There has never been a more important time to be outstanding at software delivery.  An organisation’s capability in software development is now a major differentiator.  Possibly the difference between success and failure.  So what’s changed?

Project failure

According to various studies, almost 70% of all software projects fail.  Materially fail to meet their objectives, in terms of cost, time, features, or all of the above.  Traditional methods of managing software delivery have failed to deliver the predictability they promise.

Economic uncertainty

We are living in times of unprecedented uncertainty.  Investing in huge multi-year programmes is no longer acceptable.  Even if you have enough money at the start, there is no guarantee you will have enough money to finish.

Rapid pace of change

Technology is changing faster than ever before.  Things are changing at a speed almost impossible to keep pace with.  New, disruptive technologies don’t only change the rules.  They keep changing the whole game entirely.

Consumerisation of IT

People’s expectations of IT have changed and have changed for good.  They are higher than ever.  Innovation and excellence from web technology companies in the last decade have raised the bar.  Amazon, eBay, Google, YouTube, Facebook, Apple, and many more, have shown consumers how good things can be.  Consumers now expect technical greatness from every company they deal with.  They have high expectations that are difficult to meet.  And they are disappointed when they don’t get what they now expect.

The need for speed

All of this is driving an incredible need for speed.  A need to be faster to market with new ideas.  Faster to keep up with expectations.  Faster to compete.  And that’s why software delivery is a key strategic issue for virtually every company on the planet.  Software is powering almost every aspect of the world we live in today.  Faster delivery of a great user experience is not only a competitive advantage, it’s a business imperative.


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