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Starting agile adoption

by Joe Little, 17 September 2013 | The Agile Blogosphere

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Imagine that you have gotten some interest in Agile. Perhaps you read a book, and talked with a friend who is doing it at his firm.

And then you take a Scrum course.

Now what do you do?

Let’s take a middle of the road case, where you have a software development group of 80 or so, and business people for another 20 people. You are one of the 80.  You’ve come back to the office on Friday morning. You want to do something with Scrum, but you are unclear where to start.

Here are some ideas.

1. Take a deep breath.

You are a beginner. You won’t do everything in one day, and there is no need to do everything in one day.

It will be a long, up-and-down climb. Get ready.

2. Convince some people to do a pilot.

Talk to some people who seem interested. Get them more interested.  Ask if they would like to try it.

Talk to a boss, and ask if he would be ok to try it. Maybe 6 Sprints (2 weeks each).  One Team.  Probably the pilot would be longer than 6 sprints, but you ask him to commit to at least 6 sprints as a fair trial.

3. Do the pilot

One team, 7 volunteers.  Get people who want to try it.

Work hard to make it successful.  Get some important impediments removed!

Almost surely, by 6 sprints the Team will be clearly better than what you all used to do.

4. Tell...

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