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Starting with Scaling

by Joe Little, 21 July 2013 | The Agile Blogosphere

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I have gotten a few questions lately that go about like this:

We are starting Scrum. We have the kind of projects that require scaling. But how do we start with Scrum and have some scaling?

The first thing to say is: The basic framework of Scrum does not attempt to answer this question.  It assumes you will use lean-agile-scrum principles and values, and devise your own, specific solution to this problem.

Still, the Scrum community has dealt with this problem many times.  So, here is what Jeff Sutherland and Ken Schwaber and lots of others think are some good ideas to start with.

Let’s assume you are talking about putting 3 teams together to work on one project.  To release roughly every 4 months. Let’s assume each team is about 7 people, including the PO and the SM.

Let’s also assume that we continue to focus on Team success.  Meaning: We realize that the core of activity is inside the Team.  If each Team is not ‘working’, then no amount of scaling is going to help.  So, the Team’s are real teams. Each person is 100% dedicated to one Team.

1. Chief Product Owner.  Each team has a product owner, and, in addition, there is a Chief Product Owner — who manages the Master Product Backlog for all 3 teams.  So, the CPO is not dedicated to one Team, but to all 3 teams.

2. Product Owner group. The CPO and...

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One Response to “Starting with Scaling”

  1. Kelly Waters says:

    Read Dean Leffingwell’s book, ‘Agile Software Requirements’. Title doesn’t sound like the answer to this problem, but it is excellent for it.


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