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State of Agile survey for 2011 tells a familiar story

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One particular chart in the State of Agile survey for 2011 tells a familiar story. Have a look.

Agile techniques employed

First up, C - Unit Testing at 70%. That’s reassuring. And unit testing is and should be distinct from L - Test-Driven Development. Test-driven development is about the design of code, not testing. Good. But what specifically is agile about unit testing? The reference to unit testing is ambiguous.

Moving on, G - Continuous Integration at 54%. Oof!

H - Automated Builds at 53%. Oof!

J - Coding Standards. Are people still worried about coding standards? Haven’t we moved on to expressive code that tells us what it’s doing and why it’s doing it?

K - Refactoring at 48%. Yikes!

And back to L - Test-driven development at 38%. Holy shit! In this day and age?

P - Pair-programming at 30%. Ah yes - that’s because everything would cost twice as much, right? Because creating software is just data entry. Or is it more about ego and fear?

Q - Collective Code ownership at 28%. Yeah baby! That piece of code belongs to me so hands off! You mean that piece of code stinking out our codebase?

R - Automated...

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