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Story Splitting – a Play – “Spike Sherman”

by Mark Levison, 9 September 2013 | The Agile Blogosphere

This post is from Agile Pain Relief by Mark Levison. Click here to see the original post in full.

User Stories are a common tool used by Agile Teams to capture the spirit of a requirement without too much detail. Sometimes User Stories are too large for the team to complete safely in one Sprint. In fact, I recommend that you split the Stories  into small enough sections so that you’re completing 5-10 Stories per Sprint; it improves the flow and makes it easier to deliver complete chunks of value at the of the Sprint.

In my classes I frequently ask teams to present what they’ve learned to their peers. At UBC they took it one step further. The teams were challenged to summarize Richard Lawerence’s Story Splitting Flowchart:

Story Splitting Flowchart - by Richard LawrenceCong/Sherman User Story

They created a play, “Spike Sherman”. Our story opens with Diane preparing the original User Story, “Cong + Sherman”.

Clearly too large – so the team’s splitter, Jason, applied the patterns from the handout and broke the Story into its...

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